Stila “Color Me Glossy” Set Review

While enjoying my snow day off from school I thought I’d share my thoughts on this cute little set of lip glazes here.

stila 2


This is the Stila “Color Me Glossy” lip glaze set I got for Christmas. Now I’ve only tried two things from Stila; these glosses and their “Not so Bare” pallet (review here), but so far I’m pretty impressed with the quality of their products. Also, their packaging choices always fit my cutesy taste.




from top left to right: Kaleidoscope, Persimmon, Dazzle Berry, Cranberry, Wildberry, Melon, Amaretto, Passion Fruit, and Strawberry Cream


Super glossy, pigmented, easy application, and durability


Even though Stila’s website claims that to activate the product, 1-10 clicks are needed, my glosses take a lot more than that to get it flowing, so if you’re looking for an on-the-go gloss, avoid these. Also, sometimes too much can come out of the tube and get globby.

So that’s my two cents on these glazes! For around $8 a pop, they’re a little expensive, but if you’re a gloss gal, then you should maybe give these a shot! Psst, my favorites are Strawberry Cream and Persimmon, so try those first!

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Stila “Not so Bare” Palette Mini Review and Swatches!

Yesterday I went to Ulta and got this lovely little palette by Stila . Out of all the high-end brands, I think Benefit and Stila are my top pick, mostly because of the adorable and eye-catching packaging, as you can see here.

stila 2


Too cute right? I know. And only $20…which isn’t too bad for all that you get.

Here’s what the inside looks like.



You get 6 eyeshadows (four satin, two matte), a highlighting powder, and a lip/blush combo cream. I played around with the colors yesterday and today and they seem pretty good quality to me.

I swatched all of the colors for you all;

stila 3


From top left; Sugar, Fawn, Barefoot and Buff (which is so light it’s imperceptible to my camera ._.) On the bottom we have Mink, Dolce, and Lily.

They’re basically all variants of browns and khaki’s with one black shade. The lip/blush cream is nice and blendable; only requiring a little bit for both cheeks. I like it better as a blush than a lip gloss definitely.

This would be the ideal little travel sized palette for those of you on the go, or a nice little daytime palette for anyone really. I’ll have to play with it a little more but I think this will end up being my next go-to palette!

Happy Sunday and God Bless!

-Claire  ^_^

Smiling Eye Makeup Tutorial

This eye makeup is simple to achieve and makes your eyes look bigger and brighter, like they’re smiling!

You’ll need:

1. A white eyeshadow or eyeliner. I used my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil.


2. A medium toned matte brown eyeshadow. I used this shade from my Forever 21 Love and Beauty palette


3. A brown eyeliner, and your favorite mascara. I used these – NYX’s Doll Eye mascara and Ulta eyeliner


First, take your white eyeshadow and create a lower lower lash line by sweeping under your lower lashes all along your eye. Concentrate the color heaviest in the first half and the inner corner of your eye.

Next, with a detail brush, take a small amount of the brown eyeshadow and gently line the outer half of the false lower lash line you created. It should look like a shadow once you blended it out.

With your brown eyeliner, tight line your lashes to make them appear thicker and darker. Then with mascara, coat your top lashes only, skip the second coat, it looks more natural with one.

Tada! You’re done!


I’d recommend wearing this with no blush, maybe a little bronzer to contour, and a soft pink lip.

Hope you all enjoy smiling with your eyes!

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