Come With Me To Charleston!

Hey guys! Long time no blog…
I just got back from a weekend in the beautiful sea-side city of Charleston, S.C with my fellow GAS Club members. GAS Club is a government-and-students organization if you’re wondering. We all make bills to try and “pass” during what we call “Legislative Day.” Then every year we go to Charleston!

This year is the first I’ve been. It was super cold the first two days, and rainy as well :(. But we still saw some pretty cool things!



Our first stop was the Columbia Museum, where we saw the gigantic Megaladon shark! It’s hard to tell in the pic I got, but this thing was over 50ft long!
The next pic is of the State Capitol Building. While we were there they had some sort of press conference about the Stand Your Ground law going on. What do you guys think about that??


Friday was an…interesting day. I’m just glad I didn’t get sick from being out in the rain so long. We did go to this cool pizza place though called Grimaldi’s.


Fun fact: When I visited New York City I ate at the original Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn. Definitely worth a try!

Saturday we went to Folly Beach Pier and took tons of photos…




Shoutout to my BF Taylor for putting up with me for three days! 🙂

Oh, and of course I had to have my caffeine fix for those 1:00 a.m nights! Here’s the “secret” recipe for the Smore’s frappé I got Saturday, it was soooo gooooood!!!!


Ah, it’s nice be home though. We finally got up to 70 this week! What an accomplishment for this crazy winter.

Goodnight guys!

Come With Me to the Southern Women’s Show!

What’s the Southern Women’s show eh?

It’s a convention held every year in Charlotte, NC that showcases local boutiques, high-end makeup brands, home décor, food, and tons more!

It’s a tradition that my mom and I go every year, and this year I brought my friends Kristen and Taylor!


I was honestly surprised at how good it was this year- I mean, it was AWESOME!

I got a lot of stuff…but that’s for the next post ^_^!

Anyway let’s take a look inside shall we?


It’s basically hundreds of booths arranged in columns, like an indoor festival.

While we were waiting for the fashion show…


They decided to play bingo and Taylor won!


She won a free pair of flats from Flat out Heels! I’m glad she got it instead of me because they wouldn’t have had my size…I wear a 2 in kids so….

And she got her brows filled in for the first time by this nice lady. She didn’t even know people did that XD!


Here’s us waiting for the fashion show…lollygagging around and eating free candy


aren’t we just adorbs?

And there was this booth for Broadway Nails, and they were giving everyone free manicures! They’re fake nails so you could pick out which ones you wanted (we took about 30 sets combined home with us ;D) and they put a set on for you! I got white with a purple and black gothic style one for accents.


And we had lunch at Nothing but Noodles…  I had too much fun with the chopsticks!


And that’s it! I’ll show you guys everything I got in my next post so stay tuned, you wont want to miss it I promise!

Hope you enjoyed going to the show with me! If you’re in the area, it’s going to be there tomorrow! I highly recommend going 🙂

See you guys soon!






Sedona, AZ Day 2: OOTD and Hot Air Balloon Ride!

Hola! I got up at four this morning, yet strangely I was very chipper. (Let’s just say most mornings all I can manage is a low grunt.)

Anyway, I have some pictures from the balloon ride! Enjoy!




This next one’s my favorite!






Time for the OOTD – I’m wearing a tank from Hollister and jeans from American Eagle. My collar necklace and fedora are from Forever 21, and my watch is from Fossil.





I decided to do a slightly toned down version of my Jordan Baker makeup. You can learn how to do it here

That’s it for today guys! Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!





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Sedona, AZ Day 1: OOTD, Pictures and More!

Hey Guys! Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday – it was a looooooong travel day and the wifi was down. But now we’re good! Image

The plane rides were pretty good, I slept mostly :p 

The views here are spectacular, I mean really it’s amazing to see the canyons and mountains that were carved from the elements millions of years ago. Image

Our house is awesome! We can see a panoramic view from anywhere in the house! ImageImage

Here’s one of my favorite pictures! 



Now onto what I did today: 

First, here’s my OOTD, amid the beautiful scenery



My hat, shirt and pants are all from Forever 21! It’s my favorite store 😀

I also am wearing this Fossil watch…Image

And this lovely snake ring from Forever 21 also!Image

Since yesterday was so long and exhausting, we decided just to walk around downtown Sedona and look around.


For lunch, I went Bear Grylls and tried rattlesnake



I don’t know how he does it, it’s NASTY!

I saw this shop and I loved the name of it, “Wisteria”



I think it’d be a lovely little girl’s name ❤

And next I indulged at the Black Cow Cafe with a brownie sundae! YUMMO!

Well that’s it for today! Stay tuned for hot air balloon pics and video tomorrow! 

You stay classy now.