Pretty in Pink Makeup Tutorial!

Hope you all are having a blessed Sunday! As promised last week I’m going to show you guys how to get a beautiful look which showcases the super-girly color PINK!

A pink eyeshadow, pink blush and pink lip balm is all you need!

1. Apply a lid primer to your eyes. I’m skipping foundation or concealer because it’s nice to let your skin breathe once in awhile! With a light pink eyeshadow, I swiped it all over my lid.

I used my much loved NYX cream eyeshadow crayon. It glides on so smoothly that you don’t need to blend it. Apply your fave mascara for a toned down look or use a black liquid liner and wing it out for a flirty dolly look.

For blush I’d recommend a cream formula. It looks more natural and also hydrates the skin which makes it look more youthful. I used my NYX cream blush stick in Orchid. Just dot some on and blend with your fingers or a brush.

This color has gold flecks in it so it really warms up my complexion!

Lastly for lips just use a tinted balm for the sake of natural-ness. My chubbi stick does the job just right!


Tada! And you’re done! Enjoy squeezing the last warmth of Summer into this look! You’ll love it, I’m sure!


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Easy Breezy Beach Look!

Normally I get to go to the beach at least once a year but this year sadly we never found the time. But just because I’m not physically there doesn’t mean I can’t look like I’m there though! Here’s an easy, quick look reminiscent of the little mermaid and whatnot. 



this look highlights the eyes and is complemented by warm, dewy skin. 

Here’s the products I used (you don’t have to use these exact ones though!)



To achieve the complexion I want, I used a primer to make sure the makeup stayed on. Then I applied my favorite BB Cream, concealed my imperfections, and set with a setting powder.  For the eyes I used this pallet right here: Sorry I couldn’t find the brand name!



Taking the light blue, I swept it across my lower lash line gently with a detail brush. At the outer corner of the lower lash line, I used the darker blue. Then taking the first three sandy shades on the left, i mixed up the shades on my brush and blended onto my lids. 

For eyeliner, I used a chocolate brown across the whole lid, getting thicker as the line went on. Then I finished my eye’s with a thin-wand black mascara on my upper and lower lashes. 

For blush, I mixed all the shades here together on my brush (the top four shades)Image


and blended onto the apples of my cheeks. Lastly I used my favorite liquid highlighter and dotted it on my cupids bow, the point of my nose, and my cheekbones! 

Hope you enjoy this quick beach look! Maybe it’ll bring back those memories of long lazy days in the sand! 

You stay classy now. 


Trendy Bold Eyeliner Look Made Easy!

I love watching TV shows and trying to emulate the character’s makeup. Call it a hobby. 

Well anyway – one look in particular struck me (maybe because the character’s name is Clare like me…ok yes that’s why) After seeing her close up, I deducted the whole look was in the eye makeup.  Jet black eyeliner strategically placed to heighten and stylize the eye’s natural shape while also making the eye appear larger. Here’s what it looks like completed. 


To get this look, first focus on making your skin look as flawless and pretty as you can. I’d recommend a good primer, followed by NYX’s photogenic foundation and concealer in your shade. 

Skip the blush, although if you want you can use a matte bronzer (please no shimmer) to contour your cheekbones and nose. 

Now onto the eyeliner. It’s basically four steps with the fourth being optional. Here’s thisImage

1. Staying as close to the lash line as possible, trace your lid with liquid liner. Following how your lower lid would continue to go up, flick the eyeliner out for a small wing. Do not attempt this with a kohl or pencil eyeliner. They go on too thick and smudge too easily. 

2. With the same liner, lightly line the first third of your lower lid. 

3. Now line the last third, leaving the middle bare. If you want to widen your eyes even more, apply a white eyeliner on your rim. 

It’s hard to tell on the picture but the fourth step is continuing the downward motion on the left side of your upper lid and flicking a bit of liner out, kind of like Ancient Egyptian looking eyeliner. 

Finish with mascara and a nude lip. Keeping your face and lips toned down balances the look and guarantees no weird looks from people ._.

There you have it, hope you have fun with this look! I know I do! 


My New Bangs/Fringe Style!

After I arrived home from D.C I decided I was tired with my old bangs; they were getting so long they just blended in with the rest of my hair. All I could do with them was to push them over to the side, and that’s boring! That’s when I called my expert hair stylist (my nana lol) to give me a new look!
I went with really deep set, choppy bangs.

I’m so happy with them! They look great parted to the side or brushed in front, and they don’t even need to be straightened! 
Oh wow, I just realized I got the whole Serah Farron from FF13 going on hahaha!

What do you guys think? 
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