Glowing Prom Makeup

No matter if you’re going to prom soon, or just need a night out, Spring is the time to refresh your heavy Winter makeup with a lighter pallet. Tonight I’ll show you how I did my own prom makeup. Instead of going for a dark smokey eye, I opted for a more natural, bright look with shimmery purples and pinks!



This look takes only about 25 mins to complete, so let’s get started!

1. Of course, start out by prepping your face with a good primer, then apply foundation and concealer as needed. Set with a loose, translucent powder for an all-day wear without the cake-y look.
2. Next, I applied this gorgeous pale pink shade to my cheeks

One to two dabs blended out should be plenty.
3. Now’s the time to add your bronzer and hightlighter. For me, I wanted to keep it more natural and stick to just contouring my nose, but feel free to contour all you want! If you need a reference, I used highlighter on my cheekbones, my cupid’s bow, and the bridge of my nose.
4. Here’s where it gets cool; we’re going to use a blush on the eyes! First, prime your eyes, then apply a shade like “lollipop” to your entire lid


After that, apply a mixture of these two middle shades…


On the bottom of your lid, allowing some of the pink shade to peek out. Line your lids with a black gel liner, and slightly wing out the edges for a flirty look. Next curl your lashes and apply mascara/falsies.

5. Lastly, I applied a peachy pink balm and nude gloss on my lips to make them super pouty and cute!


And that’s it ๐Ÿ™‚ Try this look out at your next event; people wont be able to stop staring – trust me!

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Claire With the Red Hair Gets a Fringe!

On a side note- “Claire with the red hair” came from this chick Kaitlyn in theatre- I call her “Kate the Great” ๐Ÿ˜€

Today my nana came over again to cut my hair because she’s better than normal hair stylists. As you can probably see from my recent posts, my bangs have grown out alot. So I asked her to give me the dolly bangs again ^_^.

I’m very happy with them! I just think I look better with them like this for some reason. They suit me I guess!
Now for anyone who is interested in getting bangs/fringe, be sure to look in magazines and online to find what you really want. Take note of your face shape, as one style may look completely different on two different facial shapes.
And most importantly, try to imagine yourself with bangs. There are a lot of websites like DailyMakeover that let you upload a picture of yourself and try on hairstyles and makeup. Take advantage of these valuable resources ok? It’s your hair and you should love what you have!

That’s it for this little update, hope you all have a wonderful night ^.^!

Peace Out!

Pretty in Pink Makeup Tutorial!

Hope you all are having a blessed Sunday! As promised last week I’m going to show you guys how to get a beautiful look which showcases the super-girly color PINK!

A pink eyeshadow, pink blush and pink lip balm is all you need!

1. Apply a lid primer to your eyes. I’m skipping foundation or concealer because it’s nice to let your skin breathe once in awhile! With a light pink eyeshadow, I swiped it all over my lid.

I used my much loved NYX cream eyeshadow crayon. It glides on so smoothly that you don’t need to blend it. Apply your fave mascara for a toned down look or use a black liquid liner and wing it out for a flirty dolly look.

For blush I’d recommend a cream formula. It looks more natural and also hydrates the skin which makes it look more youthful. I used my NYX cream blush stick in Orchid. Just dot some on and blend with your fingers or a brush.

This color has gold flecks in it so it really warms up my complexion!

Lastly for lips just use a tinted balm for the sake of natural-ness. My chubbi stick does the job just right!


Tada! And you’re done! Enjoy squeezing the last warmth of Summer into this look! You’ll love it, I’m sure!


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OOTD + Hair and Upcoming Posts!

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you all a quick update on what new posts you can be expecting soon, and I wanted to flaunt my outfit and hair today! (Mostly my hair, my Nana did it!)

So as you might know I’m terrible at hair; I can’t do much at all!
I’ve wanted to see what a topknot would look like on me for a while but I couldn’t figure out how to do it!
Today my Nana came over so I could give her a manicure and do her makeup, then she did my hair for me!

I added the flower hairband from Forever 21 for a cute touch.

My outfit is a pink long sleeve top from Target with buttons and my pattern shorts were from Forever 21!


Yes, I’m standing up on a stool XD.

Now I want to give you guys a list of some upcoming posts you can expect soon~ Comment any requests you have!

1. Pretty in Pink Makeup Tutorial
2. Eating for Your Body and the Environment
3. Audrey Heburn Look
4. Porcelain Pretties Look
5. Recycling Tips and Tricks

Alright you guys, thats it for today! Hope you have a great day!

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