IPSY Glam Box November & December Highlights!

Long time no blog eh? I know, I know. I’m muy perezosa.

In honor of my favorite (and first) subscription box, I’ll be showcasing some of my faves from the last two months bags! If you would like to know more about Ipsy, check out my first post.

First we have the Galaxy Chic eyeshadow sample in Eclipse.



I was kind of afraid to even try it because of the intense color, but it’s really pretty! The color payoff is a subtle amethyst color, and it pairs great with neutrals.

Next is the Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon in Hot Damn!

bombshellsmokey 2


New.Favorite.Red.Lip. It’s hard to find good shades of red since I’m so fair, but this works very well on my skin tone. Honestly, I believe it could look good on warm and cool tones alike!

Be a Bombshell The One Stick in Girl Crush

one stick


I’d never heard of this brand before Ipsy, but it’s starting to grow on me! This stick claims to work as an eyeshadow, blush, and lip color. I tried it as all but I prefer using it just as a cheek color. Still, the color is very cute and dainty, and this full size stick will last me a long time!

English Laundry Fragrance Samples

english laundry

I’m not sure what the scents are called, but I quite like them! The name “English Laundry”, even sounds cozy and comfy! The scents remind me of a pleasant Spring day…(whatever a pleasant Spring day smells like ._.)

Lastly~ … Em Cosmetics Sheer Lip Stick in Violacious



Another purple thing they freaked me out with. But I was again, happy with how it actually looks on me. It’s buildable, so I’m able to keep it sheer. It’s actually quite flattering with fair skin and red hair, and I got a lot of complements ^_^ Thanks Ipsy!

So that’s my favorites from these last glam bags! If you liked this post, I might make more for my up-and-coming bags! If you would like to subscribe to Ipsy, please use my referral link! By referring people, you get points to use towards extra items! Ipsy Subscribe Link

Have a very Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Whatever You Celebrate! Hope you guys get everything you asked for 🙂

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5-Min Smokey Eye

Hey guys! Today I’ll show you how to get a gorgeous smokey eye with just eyeliner! This tutorial is inspired by Michelle Phan’s Twilight Noir video, and would make a great Christmas party look!

smokey 2


What You’ll Need (The Basics)

1. A creamy kohl-style eyeliner in any dark color. (I used black)

2. A red lipstick, tint or lipliner. (Make sure the color you pick suits your tone) Don’t know your tone? What color jewelry do you look best in? If you look best in gold, you are warm toned! If you look best in silver, you are cool toned! Can’t tell, or you look equally good in both? Congrats! You are neutral toned like me, and can use any color!

Alrighty, lets start!
1. With a prepped face (primer, foundation, concealer), make a fishy face and apply bronzer to the hollows of your cheekbones, your temples, and under your chin. Using the bronzer makes your face appear slimmer and brings warmth to your face. Click here for a handy little contouring guide~

2. With a highlighting powder or cream, apply across your cheekbones, on your cupid’s bow, and on the tip of your nose. Highlighting these areas of the face brings them out whist giving them a dewy and youthful glow. Don’t have a highlighter? Just use a white or cream colored eyeshadow, it works just the same!

3. Now onto the eyes…

smokey 4smokey 3

Prime your eyelids! This is the most important step, because without priming, your makeup will smudge and not last long :(. Next with your eyeliner, draw a heavy line with the end winged out. Don’t worry about being messy, this is just the basis for your smokey eye.

I’m using Estee Lauder’s Pure Color eyeliner in Blackened Black. It blends very easily, but doesn’t go all over the place.

estee lauder


Here’s just a line, and then next is the smudged out line. Notice how you can still see the original line as it hazes out.



Ok, after you’ve created that line, take a small detail brush and smudge the heck out of it! Soften the line while bringing color into the crease of your eye to complete the “smokey effect”. Work quickly though; some eyeliners wont budge after about a minute! After you’ve smudged to your heart’s content, line your water line with the same eyeliner. Now you can highlight the inner corners of your eyes and the center of your eyelids with a warm color. I used first a lilac eyeliner and blended it out a bit, then went over the lilac color with a shimmery white eyeliner for more sparkle.

When that’s done, curl your lashes and apply a volumizing mascara!

4. With great red lips comes great responsibility! Before you apply any color, dab some foundation or bb cream on your lips. This will give the color something to grip onto, so it wont budge later. Now you can apply your red lip color. I used Be A Bombshell’s lip crayon in Hot Damn! (What a fun name right?) I got it from Ipsy’s November box. Click here for my review of Ipsy!

bombshelllip swatch

Next with a foundation brush, carefully apply some concealer around your lips to create a crisp line. Blend out.

Now that your 5-min look is complete, go have some fun! I’ll be going to lots of parties this season, what are you guys gonna do? Leave me a comment with your plans!

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Ipsy – My New Love

‘Ello everyone, hope you’re all excited for Hump Day tomorrow! Tonight I just wanted to share a little tidbit of what I’ve been up to.

One Word. IPSY


If you don’t know, Ipsy is a website created by Michelle Phan, the lovely and talented beauty “guru” on Youtube. On Ipsy, you can post your makeup looks and get feedback, browse around at other looks, make friends and all that jolly-good stuff.

And also….. Ipsy has a subscription box called the “Ipsy Glam Bag”! For  $10 every month you get a cute little bag filled with 4-5 awesome items (that regularly would cost more than $10 each ._.). When you sign up, you take a survey on your favorite items, your style and preferences, and your personal features so the Ipsy stylists can come up with the best products to give everyone.

I became a member Sunday I believe? It’s verrrrrry popular so you have to be on a wait list for a bit, but as soon as a slot opens up you’re in.

I know a lot of you are into the subscription box thing, and I would highly recommend trying this one out. Based on what the previous items have been, I expect greatness for when I get my first box.

If you’d like to be a doll and become a member, please use this link right here and let them know I referred you. *for each referral you get points which you can redeem for free products* Doesn’t hurt to try right?

And that’s my thoughts on Ipsy. Go. Join. Find me and check out my little baby profile. And as always, have a great night and stay classy! 😀