Audrey Hepburn Inspired Look!

Well long time no see! With three AP classes this semester I was afraid I would never get to blog again XD! Thankfully my weekends are for the most part free, so I can reconnect with you all!

I’ve had a cold/bad allergies for the past few days so I’ve been a bit uncomfortable, but today I thought I’d play with my makeup and show you guys this look I promised earlier! It’s quite simple; as most of my creations are, but be warned. You are guaranteed to be noticed wearing this look, so if you’re a wall flower you might want to tone down the lip color or eyeliner!  If you enjoy the spotlight like me, you’ll get a kick out of this!

Oh! You might need this picture if you’re not familiar with dear Audrey. This is kind of her ‘signature look’


Ok! Let’s get started!

1st:  Apply your normal concealer and a matte powder or powder foundation to create a nice matte finish to the skin. I used NYX’s concealer wand and their “Stay Matte not Flat” foundation.


2nd:  With a brow pencil, fill in any sparse areas and lightly feather some color above your actual brow to make them appear thicker like Audrey’s. If you have a sharp arch, fill in the space to create a softer, more youthful straight line. I used NYX’s automatic eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown.


3rd: Prime your lids and your lower lash line. With a matte champagne and chestnut color…


Take the first color and place it across your upper lid. With a detail brush, take the darker shade and lightly line half of your lower lash line. These eyeshadows are from the Stila Not so Bare Pallet.

4th: Onto the signature eyeliner! With a gel or liquid liner black liner, thickly line your whole lid. Don’t worry about the wing just yet, just get a crisp, straight line. For the wing, don’t try to be dramatic – just follow the upward curve of your lower lash line and make a continuation of it. Try to make your wing as small as you can, and if you mess up, just wipe the mistake off with a q-tip or washcloth.

5th: With a volumizing mascara – I recommend this one by Estee Lauder… it’s so good! Oh, and here’s the Essence Liquid Liner I used…


Apply two generous coats to your upper lashes and one coat to your lower lashes.

6th: Alright, one more step…THE LIPS :D! You’ll need a bright, almost orange-y red lip liner for the ultimate matte finish.


Just swipe some color and blend out with your fingers or a lip brush. To increase the intensity, apply extra coats of color!

And you are finished!


Hope you really enjoy this tutorial, and have a great weekend!

Pretty in Pink Makeup Tutorial!

Hope you all are having a blessed Sunday! As promised last week I’m going to show you guys how to get a beautiful look which showcases the super-girly color PINK!

A pink eyeshadow, pink blush and pink lip balm is all you need!

1. Apply a lid primer to your eyes. I’m skipping foundation or concealer because it’s nice to let your skin breathe once in awhile! With a light pink eyeshadow, I swiped it all over my lid.

I used my much loved NYX cream eyeshadow crayon. It glides on so smoothly that you don’t need to blend it. Apply your fave mascara for a toned down look or use a black liquid liner and wing it out for a flirty dolly look.

For blush I’d recommend a cream formula. It looks more natural and also hydrates the skin which makes it look more youthful. I used my NYX cream blush stick in Orchid. Just dot some on and blend with your fingers or a brush.

This color has gold flecks in it so it really warms up my complexion!

Lastly for lips just use a tinted balm for the sake of natural-ness. My chubbi stick does the job just right!


Tada! And you’re done! Enjoy squeezing the last warmth of Summer into this look! You’ll love it, I’m sure!


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Daisy Buchanan Inspired Look

I think Carey Mulligan makes the perfect Daisy; she just has that wistful, sleepy look to her.

daisy 2

As promised earlier on my Jordan Inspired Look, I did Carey Mulligan’s makeup from The Great Gatsby.

eye comparison

Daisy’s makeup is quite the opposite of Jordan’s; Daisy’s makeup is focused on enhancing and playing up her natural features such as her big eyes and porcelain skin.

daisy 1

Lets get started then!

1st: Her face doesn’t appear to be caked in foundation so we’re not going to do that either. Instead, use a light BB cream and apply all over your face, blending into your hairline and jaw. Next, use your favorite concealer and apply under your eyes, all around your nose, and over any spots you may have. Remember to only use what you need; we want the illusion of no makeup on. To protect your makeup from sliding and from getting oily, use a powder and dab lightly all over your face.

Here are the products I used for these steps:


2nd: Daisy’s brows are very rounded and extend downward towards the end. All you need to do is take a powder or pencil in your shade and smooth out any harsh angles and extend your brows down if need be. Mine already are very long and full so I just rounded them out a tad.

3rd: Apply a matte plum or rosy blush. The color changes depending on what picture your looking at, so anything matte will do just fine!

Here’s the color I used. It’s from Estee Lauder


4th: Onto the eyes. You’ll need something similar to these outlined shades I have from Estee Lauder –


With a satin white, apply all over your lid up to the crease. Also apply in your inner corners and along your brow bone as a highlight. Taking the light brown shade, apply over the white and blend into the crease. With a detail brush, rim your lower lash line with this shade. Take care to blend thoroughly, this should look like a shadow under your eye and not a harsh line. Taking a peachy plum color, apply just above the crease lightly. This will bring warmth to the eyes.

Now use a dark brown shadow or liner and line as close to the upper lash line as possible. Curl your lashes and apply a lengthening mascara to your upper and lower lashes. Don’t bother with a second coat; her lashes aren’t bold at all.

5th: To really get her glowing skin, apply a highlighter on your cheekbone and on your cupids bow. Don’t worry if you don’t have a pen or liquid highlighter, you can get the same effect from a shimmery white or cream eyeshadow!

6th: To finish off, I used a mix of these two Estee Lauder lipsticks


I applied the gold shimmery one first by dabbing on my lips, and then applied the rosy color to my bottom lip and defined my cupids bow with it.

And the look is complete!

face 2

Hope you enjoy this easy, natural look!
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Twiggy Inspired Look

Everyone knows Twiggy; the model from the 60’s with the doll eyes.Image

She was a fashion inspiration then, and still continues to be today. Here’s how to get her signature makeup look! 

PS- You only need two eyeshadow colors! 

1. Twiggy looks as if she isn’t wearing any foundation or concealer at all. Some of us aren’t so fortunate and need a little help. I used a light BB cream over primer and then concealed my under eye circles and spots Image

She also has contoured cheek bones, so I used my favorite bronzer to mimic that. Just make a fishy face and lightly sweep the bronzer on the hollow parts. No need for blush.

2.  Now onto the eyes. Image



Get out your liquid liner and line all the way across your lid, getting thicker at the edge. To get those dolly lower lashes, make little lines in between your lower lashes and start to wing them out at the edge. Be patient; this requires a very steady hand and may take a while to get used to.  With the eyeliner done, grab your eye shadow. 



taking the black, dab a little on a detail brush and line the crease of your eye. (the crease is where the eyeball sinks into your forehead) Start in the middle and blend it outward towards the sides of your eye. This makes the eyes appear deeper set, 

With the white shade, highlight the first third of your upper lid, in between the crease line and the eyeliner. 

Now with a volumizing mascara, apply a few generous coats to both your upper and lower lashes. Twiggy wears falsies; I didn’t have any on me at the time! 

4. Twiggy’s lips are very natural, so I just applied a nude shimmery gloss to plump my lips up.  And now we’re done! 



Hope you guys enjoy this look! 

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