First Impressions: Splat Washables Temporary Hair Dye

For as long as I can remember my family constantly drilled me. “Never dye your hair, Claire.” they’d say, albeit with good reason and intentions no doubt. I love my red hair; it’s totally unique and is a big part of who I am! However, there are some days when I want to step outside of my normal style scope and experiment a bit. I can’t very well bleach my hair and dye it; that’d be too damaging…hmm, what about washable hair dye? I didn’t even really know that was an option until I saw these at Ulta…

photo 4 (4)photo 5

Now I did know about hair chalk, but it was always hard for me to work with. I thought these would be a dream…

So I bought the shades Purple Swag and Hot 4 Pink. Each package comes with a 1.5 oz tube of color and an applicator which I strongly suggest against using (it pulled and tangled my hair!) So far I’ve only tried the pink shade, but I’ve tried it enough times to know how well it works. They also have a red and blue shade if that’s more your style. 

Here’s me with the pink shade:

photo 1 (5)photo 2 (5)

As you can see, the color is pretty vibrant, something I was a little worried about since my hair’s kinda dark.  I was a little surprised with how long it took to achieve the color though – you’re supposed to drape a towel around you, apply the color, dry with low heat, and set with hairspray. It took me over fifteen minutes each time. For the future, I’m definitely going to just dye one streak, or just the ends of braids, pigtails, etc. 

Alright, let me get all my thoughts out in this handy list.

Pros: Vibrant color, washes out easily, cheap ($6.99), 3-5 good uses per tube

Cons: applicator brush hurts, makes hair crunchy (not easy to style), tends to bleed off even when set with hairspray

So that’s it! I hope this can help you make a decision if you’re debating it. And P.S – Definitely try something like this out before you full-on dye your hair, it could help you decide if you like it or not! 

As always, thank you for reading! 

My Recipe for Your Best Hair Ever

When I was younger, I never quite understood the importance of hair-care. I never conditioned, only shampooed, and I only got my hair cut about twice a year. Fortunately I was blessed with pretty decent hair so it wasn’t a problem until about three years ago. Now that I’ve been through the not so fun experience of split ends and breakage, I’ve found a nice, easy recipe that makes my hair super silky and easy to work with. And you know whats great about keeping up with your hair care? The more you do it, the less heat your hair requires when styling!
Ok so here’s roughly what you’ll need:


First I use my favorite shampoo and conditioner to date- the Agadir Moroccan Oil set. Funny thing is, it just showed up in my bathroom one day :0 Thanks dad I guess ^_^!
One thing about Argan oil- it doesn’t make your hair greasy, contrary to what I used to think. Now, if you apply pure oil straight onto your scalp maybe then haha.

Alright. Next I apply a dime sized amount of my argan oil conditioner to just my ends. This is kinda like applying a primer before foundation; it pre-moisturizes the hair before the third step.

The third step is the most important in my opinion: the hair mask. Hair masks such as the Essential Rich Premier Honey Mask I use are especially helpful to damaged strands. In between trims, this mask helps to delay split ends and keep hair extra silky. What I do is apply a quarter sized amount to the bottom half of my hair and rinse with warm water after about 5 mins ( but less is ok too ). What if you don’t have a hair mask handy? No problem! A great hair mask can easily be made by ingredients in your kitchen. All you need to do is combine either a mashed up banana or avacado, with either some olive oil, coconut oil, or an egg and let soak in for 10 mins. These ingredients contain vital nutrients for healthy hair!

Lastly, once your hair is dry and styled, dab a little pure argan oil to your strands to add shine. A little goes a long way, and the tiny sample I got with my hair dryer has already lasted me half a year!

Hope this recipe helps you get the best hair you’ve ever had! Have a good night everyone!
Love, Claire
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Claire With the Red Hair Gets a Fringe!

On a side note- “Claire with the red hair” came from this chick Kaitlyn in theatre- I call her “Kate the Great” 😀

Today my nana came over again to cut my hair because she’s better than normal hair stylists. As you can probably see from my recent posts, my bangs have grown out alot. So I asked her to give me the dolly bangs again ^_^.

I’m very happy with them! I just think I look better with them like this for some reason. They suit me I guess!
Now for anyone who is interested in getting bangs/fringe, be sure to look in magazines and online to find what you really want. Take note of your face shape, as one style may look completely different on two different facial shapes.
And most importantly, try to imagine yourself with bangs. There are a lot of websites like DailyMakeover that let you upload a picture of yourself and try on hairstyles and makeup. Take advantage of these valuable resources ok? It’s your hair and you should love what you have!

That’s it for this little update, hope you all have a wonderful night ^.^!

Peace Out!

OOTD + Hair and Upcoming Posts!

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you all a quick update on what new posts you can be expecting soon, and I wanted to flaunt my outfit and hair today! (Mostly my hair, my Nana did it!)

So as you might know I’m terrible at hair; I can’t do much at all!
I’ve wanted to see what a topknot would look like on me for a while but I couldn’t figure out how to do it!
Today my Nana came over so I could give her a manicure and do her makeup, then she did my hair for me!

I added the flower hairband from Forever 21 for a cute touch.

My outfit is a pink long sleeve top from Target with buttons and my pattern shorts were from Forever 21!


Yes, I’m standing up on a stool XD.

Now I want to give you guys a list of some upcoming posts you can expect soon~ Comment any requests you have!

1. Pretty in Pink Makeup Tutorial
2. Eating for Your Body and the Environment
3. Audrey Heburn Look
4. Porcelain Pretties Look
5. Recycling Tips and Tricks

Alright you guys, thats it for today! Hope you have a great day!

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