DesignsFiftyNine – Eco Friendly Beauty!

So this is pretty exciting…my Nana and cousin/aunt/kinfolk Debbie created their own store on Etsy! It’s awesome because, for a long time they’ve loved “playing with paper” in my old bedroom-turned paper room, and now they’ve finally made their very own store!

One product I really want to highlight is Debbie’s Eco-Friendly Spa Gift Set

ecoeco 2

These adorable little flowers can be used to wash your face/body, and there’s plenty of them to give to your friends! Have a spa party or sleepover! And of course, the best part is that they’re handmade with 100% USA materials.

Go check out their store! They also sell beautiful paper crafts and handmade doll clothes!

Here’s the link, tell them I sent you if you visit! DesignsFiftyNine Store


Easy Tips and Tricks for Recycling!



Most people have started to recycle in the last few years due to all the “Eco” and “Green” hype going around, yet some still do not or don’t do as much as they might could. Today I’ll share with you some really simple tips that can make recycling easier and more convenient.

1.) Place your recycling bin(s) as close as you can to you. By this, I mean that if your bins are indoors, place them right beside your trash can, and if they’re outside, place them right outside your door or in your garage. When you make it more convenient for yourself, you’ll be more likely to actually throw your trash in the recycling bin.

2.) If you didn’t know, you can still recycle things that have touched food. For instance, don’t throw your empty milk carton into the trash. Rinse it out in the sink and it’ll be recycle-friendly! Although you can’t recycle anything with food on it you can’t wash off, there’s a lot of plastic, cardboard, and other stuff you can easily wash when your done with it. Don’t forget your water bottles and cans! Speaking of icky water bottles, check out this post on why you shouldn’t use them anymore.

3.) Don’t worry; you can still recycle food! If you have a backyard, or a community garden or anything like that, compost! To create a compost bin, add green matter such as your fruit and vegetable waste, weeds, glass clippings, etc. Then add a layer of brown matter like dead leaves, dead plants, sawdust, etc. Keep layering and adding your waste, making sure to add water if the pile gets too dry. Turn over your pile every few weeks, and soon you should have great compost to garden with! Remember though, never compost meat or fish, bones, oil/fats or plastics.  

4.) Most local dumps offer discounts or even free “dumping” for people that bring in their recycle bins! Check out your local dump to see what their policy is.

Hopefully you learned something new, and Happy Recycling Everyone!

Comment with your recycling tips! And stay tuned for a “Classy Glamorous Look” coming tomorrow!

Fun and Easy Ways to Be Green!

I don’t know about you, but trying to think of ideas on being green is tough. Of course, there is always the whole “Turn the faucet off when you brush” or “Start a compost pile” thing. But that’s no fun! While I was at the WYSE summer program, I came up with a “game” of sorts and heard about an awesome way to get food!

   Here’s my game: It’s called the Fast and Furious Shower!
   How you play: Go to your phone’s timer and start it right as your hopping in the shower! Cleanse yourself AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!! And see how long you take! Can you get down to five minutes? four? three? I DARE YOU TO TRY IT!
   Ok, now to the other cool way to be green!
   Instead of buying your meats and produce from the grocery store, check out You can use this website to find CSA (community supported agriculture) farms in your area! The cool thing is, for a set fee you get a bundle of goodies each week or month right from that farm! They can also deliver it to your house! Isn’t that awesome! So go and support the people who grow your food!
Got any other cool ideas? Comment and tell me all about them!