Poshmark – A Bigger & Better Yard-sale!

Hey guys! While I’m still on vacation on the beautiful Edisto Island, I thought I’d share with you my thoughts on the app called Poshmark! I just downloaded it last week and have already made my first sale!

photo 2

Alright, so basically Poshmark is an online community of buyers and sellers centered around fashion, i.e, clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc. (Note that some people sell other things such as makeup, or even movies and games!) You can choose to just buy from sellers on Poshmark, or, if you want to make some money and get rid of clothes you don’t wear, you can list them for sell. It’s actually really easy; you just take a photo or two of your item and upload it, give it a nice title and description, and set the price you’d like to charge. Generally, you keep 80% of your profits in exchange for Poshmark taking care of other fees.

This is my profile page (you should follow me ^_^)

photo 1

When you make a sell, Poshmark sends you a shipping label, which you can slap on a box and send off in the mail! Then, you can withdraw your profits into your bank account!

Now, there are some rules of etiquette that you should know of –
1. You pretty much must follow to be followed (most people will always follow back!)
2. Don’t “like” an item unless you are considering buying it.
3. If someone “shares” your item, share an item of theirs to return the favor!

Other than that, it’s easy-peasy! Everyone I’ve encountered has been super nice, and it’s a really fun way to recycle your wardrobe!

I look forward to seeing you all on Poshmark! PS. If you buy from me, I’ll be more than happy to give you guys a 15% discount on bundles – just let me know you’re from WordPress 🙂 Happy Shopping!

October Couture: Red Riding Hood

Hey guys, so sorry I’ve been away for awhile, school is a stress-fest! Thankfully this week was Spirit Week in honor of Homecoming, and as normal, I wanted to do something unusual! For the last day, Famous Friday, I decided to be Little Red Riding Hood. I even had a basket with brownies and candy I gave out to everyone!

Tonight I’ll be showing you guys my look and hopefully provide a little inspiration for your own Halloween costume this year! If you’re interested in being little red, stay tuned for a tutorial on her makeup tomorrow!

Let’s get started.






Dress- Ryu Clothing
Shoes- Target
Cape- Homemade

Hope you all are excited for Halloween! Eat plenty of pumpkin-y stuff and don’t forget to look for the makeup tutorial that goes along with this tomorrow! -Claire

Come With Me to the Southern Women’s Show!

What’s the Southern Women’s show eh?

It’s a convention held every year in Charlotte, NC that showcases local boutiques, high-end makeup brands, home décor, food, and tons more!

It’s a tradition that my mom and I go every year, and this year I brought my friends Kristen and Taylor!


I was honestly surprised at how good it was this year- I mean, it was AWESOME!

I got a lot of stuff…but that’s for the next post ^_^!

Anyway let’s take a look inside shall we?


It’s basically hundreds of booths arranged in columns, like an indoor festival.

While we were waiting for the fashion show…


They decided to play bingo and Taylor won!


She won a free pair of flats from Flat out Heels! I’m glad she got it instead of me because they wouldn’t have had my size…I wear a 2 in kids so….

And she got her brows filled in for the first time by this nice lady. She didn’t even know people did that XD!


Here’s us waiting for the fashion show…lollygagging around and eating free candy


aren’t we just adorbs?

And there was this booth for Broadway Nails, and they were giving everyone free manicures! They’re fake nails so you could pick out which ones you wanted (we took about 30 sets combined home with us ;D) and they put a set on for you! I got white with a purple and black gothic style one for accents.


And we had lunch at Nothing but Noodles…  I had too much fun with the chopsticks!


And that’s it! I’ll show you guys everything I got in my next post so stay tuned, you wont want to miss it I promise!

Hope you enjoyed going to the show with me! If you’re in the area, it’s going to be there tomorrow! I highly recommend going 🙂

See you guys soon!






Vote on My BTS First Day Outfit!

Happy Sunday Everyone! So I picked out two outfits for my first day of Junior Year tomorrow, but I can’t decide! I want you all to vote and tell me your favorite! 

Here’s the first one: 






It’s a cute little denim skirt with buttons down the front, paired with a candy apple red v-neck that’s tucked in. It makes me think of a prep academy or something but I like preppy style sometimes! 

The second option is a dress: 

DSC01766 DSC01770


This has a lovely floral pattern with a cinch waist and a dainty lace top. It kinda gives off a more boho vibe to me. 


Leave a comment with your pick! Everyone’s welcome to vote! 

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