Fun and Easy Ways to Be Green!

I don’t know about you, but trying to think of ideas on being green is tough. Of course, there is always the whole “Turn the faucet off when you brush” or “Start a compost pile” thing. But that’s no fun! While I was at the WYSE summer program, I came up with a “game” of sorts and heard about an awesome way to get food!

   Here’s my game: It’s called the Fast and Furious Shower!
   How you play: Go to your phone’s timer and start it right as your hopping in the shower! Cleanse yourself AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!! And see how long you take! Can you get down to five minutes? four? three? I DARE YOU TO TRY IT!
   Ok, now to the other cool way to be green!
   Instead of buying your meats and produce from the grocery store, check out You can use this website to find CSA (community supported agriculture) farms in your area! The cool thing is, for a set fee you get a bundle of goodies each week or month right from that farm! They can also deliver it to your house! Isn’t that awesome! So go and support the people who grow your food!
Got any other cool ideas? Comment and tell me all about them!

A Little Background Info…

  My name is Claire and my passions are makeup and conservation (kind of different huh?) I had the epiphany to start this blog when I visited the National Geographic Headquarters in Washington D.C. The speakers were talking about all of their projects and telling us little things we could do to make a difference. That led me to think “Well why don’t I start a blog? I can share my makeup stuff and teach people about conservation as well!”