Moments from Folly~

This past weekend we headed to Folly Beach SC for our Easter Break! I’ve been to the Charleston area many times before, but there’s always something new to experience :)!


We rented these cool, local-looking bikes at a place called Cool Breeze Rentals in the downtown area of Folly from this eccentric but kind man who’s name we never did catch…

We rode our bikes down the busy road to a small stretch of shaded trail that led to a lighthouse!



As you can see, I took a lot of pictures! It was a beautiful little cove, almost like in The Little Mermaid!

Now onto some food 😀


I picked this place called the Cru Café to eat dinner at, and I had a lovely caesar salad with deep fried croutons, and this delicious four-cheese baked shell pasta! You should definitely check out Cru if you’re ever there!


Also at the Mellow Mushroom I enjoyed my first calzone! It had steak and mozz in it! I love anything Italian really!

Sadly I didn’t take any photos of downtown Charleston, but I’m sure many of you have been there before :).

How are you guys spending your spring break? Tell me below!

Come With Me To Charleston!

Hey guys! Long time no blog…
I just got back from a weekend in the beautiful sea-side city of Charleston, S.C with my fellow GAS Club members. GAS Club is a government-and-students organization if you’re wondering. We all make bills to try and “pass” during what we call “Legislative Day.” Then every year we go to Charleston!

This year is the first I’ve been. It was super cold the first two days, and rainy as well :(. But we still saw some pretty cool things!



Our first stop was the Columbia Museum, where we saw the gigantic Megaladon shark! It’s hard to tell in the pic I got, but this thing was over 50ft long!
The next pic is of the State Capitol Building. While we were there they had some sort of press conference about the Stand Your Ground law going on. What do you guys think about that??


Friday was an…interesting day. I’m just glad I didn’t get sick from being out in the rain so long. We did go to this cool pizza place though called Grimaldi’s.


Fun fact: When I visited New York City I ate at the original Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn. Definitely worth a try!

Saturday we went to Folly Beach Pier and took tons of photos…




Shoutout to my BF Taylor for putting up with me for three days! 🙂

Oh, and of course I had to have my caffeine fix for those 1:00 a.m nights! Here’s the “secret” recipe for the Smore’s frappé I got Saturday, it was soooo gooooood!!!!


Ah, it’s nice be home though. We finally got up to 70 this week! What an accomplishment for this crazy winter.

Goodnight guys!

Easy Breezy Beach Look!

Normally I get to go to the beach at least once a year but this year sadly we never found the time. But just because I’m not physically there doesn’t mean I can’t look like I’m there though! Here’s an easy, quick look reminiscent of the little mermaid and whatnot. 



this look highlights the eyes and is complemented by warm, dewy skin. 

Here’s the products I used (you don’t have to use these exact ones though!)



To achieve the complexion I want, I used a primer to make sure the makeup stayed on. Then I applied my favorite BB Cream, concealed my imperfections, and set with a setting powder.  For the eyes I used this pallet right here: Sorry I couldn’t find the brand name!



Taking the light blue, I swept it across my lower lash line gently with a detail brush. At the outer corner of the lower lash line, I used the darker blue. Then taking the first three sandy shades on the left, i mixed up the shades on my brush and blended onto my lids. 

For eyeliner, I used a chocolate brown across the whole lid, getting thicker as the line went on. Then I finished my eye’s with a thin-wand black mascara on my upper and lower lashes. 

For blush, I mixed all the shades here together on my brush (the top four shades)Image


and blended onto the apples of my cheeks. Lastly I used my favorite liquid highlighter and dotted it on my cupids bow, the point of my nose, and my cheekbones! 

Hope you enjoy this quick beach look! Maybe it’ll bring back those memories of long lazy days in the sand! 

You stay classy now.