I’m Back Home with a LUSH HAUL!

*yawn* Our trip back home seemed to span months; I mean, I was basically up for over 24 hours. I get a bit delusional after oh, lets say 17?

…Well anyway! On our way to the airport I had the chance to stop at the Scottsdale Lush store! Here’s my “eager face”



I love going into the actual shop – in every one I go in all the employees are super friendly and casual! They really treat you like your royalty, giving you recommendations and demonstrating the products on your hands! One girl in Raleigh even challenged me to a “pale off” (to see who was the palest) I think I won haha! I win everytime!

I had already looked online to see what I wanted, so I just walked in and picked it all up!



Here’s what I got!

1st: I got three Twilight Bath Bombs – one for me and one each for my friends Kristen and Taylor!



This along with Big Blue is probably my favorite bomb. To me, it smells like cotton candy with a slight woodsy undertone. When you plop it into the bath, it starts out light, then turns darker and darker just like the night sky!

Next I bought a small bottle of the Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo.



It promises shine and volume, can’t wait to try it out! I was a bit worried about the whole “beer in it” thing but it smells great!

I got a Ceridwen’s Cauldron bath melt to try out as well.



The smell makes me think of a dark forest in fairy tale land or something like that. Very mystical and outdoorsy smelling. I also like that it has oatmeal in it, because oatmeal is a wonderful natural cleanser and exfoliator! I made a homemade mask featuring oatmeal, check it out if you’ve got the chance!

Lastly I got a small cut of the Herbalism facial cleanser.



It smells like my spice cabinet! All you do is take a small chunk, mix with water and rub into your face for a few minutes. It soothed my travel- tired skin after the first use!

That’s all for this haul, for more Lush reviews click here!

Oh and just as a side note – LUSH IS COMING TO CHARLOTTE!!! The lady at Scottsdale told me and I about Jumped in the air! I’d love to get a job there but I believe you have to be 18… ahh well at least I don’t have to shop online anymore!

Goodnight Everyone!


Last Day in Sedona! Hike, OOTD and BowsByTroy!

Good morning my blossoms, let me tell you a story.
Once upon a time, a little girl headed off on a hike. She was excited; her family told her it would be an easy, short journey. She arrived at the site.

The walk started well, it was a level, partly shaded trail that winded along the mountain. Soon, the trail became rocky, and the little girl had to use all of her strength to scale the incline. Her heart was pounding, she looked up and saw how high the rock went up to.

There were people up there! She wanted to go up there too, what a wonderful photo op it would be! So with a heave and a sigh the girl made her way up to the very top! She then commenced to take many pictures!


For her OOTD, the girl wore a very flowy blue tank from JCP and some very comfortable green lace shorts from Charlotte Russe! Her favorite part of her outfit though was the big white bow in her hair!

It was made by a wonderful and talented friend of hers named Troy! He started making these custom cheer-style bows and sells them for a great low price! They are of great quality, and like I said, he makes them to order! Anything you want, he can do it!

Check out his instagram @tuhroyconn to order or email him at troymconn1@live.com!
And don’t forget to follow me on instagram as well! @clairedelune1113
Hope you all have a blessed happy day!

Arizona Day 5! Slide Rock and OOTD!

The wifi’s back! *angels singing from the clouds*

It’s a day late, but here’s my day 5 of vacation! We went to Slide Rock Park, a stream in the middle of two cliff faces that deposited into a deeper pool.

It was so pretty here! Hot but pretty!


I felt like Dora the Explorer; braving slippery rocks, ice cold water, big jumps and all that! I had so much fun!

If you ever go there, see if you can find this where the deep pool starts!

Now onto the OOTD from later that day!

I’m wearing my absolute favorite dress ever from Forever 21! It makes me feel so classy! From Forever 21 also my beloved fedora!

Wearing my “trendy bold eyeliner look” with a little white eyeshadow on the inner corners… Check out the original – link on my “makeup looks” page

Thats it for yesterday! Hope you all enjoy your day!