Last Day in Sedona! Hike, OOTD and BowsByTroy!

Good morning my blossoms, let me tell you a story.
Once upon a time, a little girl headed off on a hike. She was excited; her family told her it would be an easy, short journey. She arrived at the site.

The walk started well, it was a level, partly shaded trail that winded along the mountain. Soon, the trail became rocky, and the little girl had to use all of her strength to scale the incline. Her heart was pounding, she looked up and saw how high the rock went up to.

There were people up there! She wanted to go up there too, what a wonderful photo op it would be! So with a heave and a sigh the girl made her way up to the very top! She then commenced to take many pictures!


For her OOTD, the girl wore a very flowy blue tank from JCP and some very comfortable green lace shorts from Charlotte Russe! Her favorite part of her outfit though was the big white bow in her hair!

It was made by a wonderful and talented friend of hers named Troy! He started making these custom cheer-style bows and sells them for a great low price! They are of great quality, and like I said, he makes them to order! Anything you want, he can do it!

Check out his instagram @tuhroyconn to order or email him at!
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Hope you all have a blessed happy day!

Sedona, AZ: Day 4, OOTD, The Grand Canyon and the Corner of Winslow

Well today’s been a long day! This morning we drove for two and a half hours to the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon. It was beautiful!

Look at these views!


My OOTD was a lovely pink blouse from Forever 21 and shorts from Aeropostal. My sunglasses are from Target!

I’m the queen of the world!!!

Next we drove for another hour and went to “Stand on the corner of Winslow Arizona!”

I don’t know about you all, but I’m plum wore out (excuse the deep south dialect)
Goodnight everone! Xoxo!

Sedona, AZ Day 2: OOTD and Hot Air Balloon Ride!

Hola! I got up at four this morning, yet strangely I was very chipper. (Let’s just say most mornings all I can manage is a low grunt.)

Anyway, I have some pictures from the balloon ride! Enjoy!




This next one’s my favorite!






Time for the OOTD – I’m wearing a tank from Hollister and jeans from American Eagle. My collar necklace and fedora are from Forever 21, and my watch is from Fossil.





I decided to do a slightly toned down version of my Jordan Baker makeup. You can learn how to do it here

That’s it for today guys! Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!





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