Water Zombie/Dark Mermaid Tutorial

As some of you guys may know, my good friend Mr. Kaskay writes, directs, and produces amazing short films. His new project, “Rae” involves none other than me as the main protagonist, a shy schizophrenic girl whose lost two of her dearest friends. Today was one of our last all day film sessions, and one of the highlights were the “water zombies”, delusions of Rae’s that follow her around.




I came up with the makeup design, following a loose interpretation of this right here:


The makeup itself is actually pretty simple, and takes less than ten minutes! And, it can be used for a variety of different costumes/cosplay.

1. Prime your face and apply foundation and concealer; if you want to go for the “zombie” look, apply foundation two shades lighter than your normal skin tone. Don’t forget to blend into your neck!
2. Prime your eyelids.

Apply a warm pinkish red shade like the bottom left shade here to your crease, blending it up into your brow bone. With a slightly darker shade (most of the eyeshadow I used wasn’t mine) blend into just your crease. You can apply any left over color to the middle of your eyelids.
3. Taking a dark and sea-green blue, mix both colors together and sweep under your eyes, on the area where dark circles appear. Make sure to wipe up any fallout.
4. With a black liquid liner, line your top lash line, extending the line straight outwards a bit. On the lower lashline, start halfway and make a thicker line, connecting it to the upper line you just drew.
5. Apply mascara and fill in your brows as needed.
6. Here’s the fun part; find any old lace or fishnet fabric lying around, and secure it to your face wherever you want scales. With it firmly taut over your skin, apply your dark/seagreen blue mixture in patting motions over the desired area. Carefully remove the fabric to reveal shimmery scales!
7. Lastly, apply a black lipstick to complete the dark look. You’re done!

If you want to check out more of Mr. Kaskay’s work, check out his youtube channel CloudlessFilms, and subscribe to watch the premier of “Rae” soon!

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