Take a Deep Breath – It’s National Stress-Awareness Month!

As I’m sitting here, listening to the French “Frozen” soundtrack (yes, I’m weird), I thought I’d share with you guys what the wonderful Jennifer from Vegas.com told me a few days ago. Now you all have probably heard about Breast Cancer Month, and stuff like that, but I’ve never heard about Stress-Awareness month! It’s nice to see that a bigger emphasis is being put on stress-management and such.


In honor of NSAM, I’ll show you all my top five favorite ways to de-stress and relax. Maybe you’ll incorporate one of these into your routine! *These are in no particular order*

Number One:    Pampering myself to a spa day! It’s easy, just take a day or two every couple weeks and enjoy a bubble bath, (I recommend with a Lush Bath Bomb!), make a homemade face mask like these I love, get a massage, or do whatever you want! The golden rule to de-stressing is that you always need to make time for you; you’ll feel much better when you do!

Number Two:     Escaping from reality with a book or Netflix can really help me feel jolly! Just make sure it’s a happy book or movie, no sad dog movies like “Marley and Me” XD. My favorites are the Eragon series, Once Upon a Time, and of course, the old Pokemon!



Number Three:  This might sound weird to some, but practicing makeup gets me really calm for some reason. It focuses me, and gets me in the “zone” I guess! Try it out, pick a cool new look on Pinterest and put your skills to the test! You never know what all you can do until you try it out! Psst, try a pop of coral or orange on your lips, it’s popular now!

Number Four:    Listen to, or make some music! I play piano, and let me just tell you, when you finally learn a new song, you play it over and over and it feels awesome! I remember in middle school when I learned the “Twilight” theme, that was the only thing I played for a while lol. Also, whenever I get home from school (and there’s no one here) I put on my Broadway Pandora station and sing along with the Wicked and Frozen cast! It helps me get out all the pent-up energy I have, and makes for a great vocal warm-up!


Number Five:      Lastly, I just love to spend time with my friends and family. Going out to eat every one in a while with everyone, or having a “play date” at the park is really special. Never underestimate the power of being with your loved ones!

What helps you relax? I’d love to know in the comments! And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @clairedelune1113, and “like” ConservationCouture on Facebook!

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