DesignsFiftyNine – Eco Friendly Beauty!

So this is pretty exciting…my Nana and cousin/aunt/kinfolk Debbie created their own store on Etsy! It’s awesome because, for a long time they’ve loved “playing with paper” in my old bedroom-turned paper room, and now they’ve finally made their very own store!

One product I really want to highlight is Debbie’s Eco-Friendly Spa Gift Set

ecoeco 2

These adorable little flowers can be used to wash your face/body, and there’s plenty of them to give to your friends! Have a spa party or sleepover! And of course, the best part is that they’re handmade with 100% USA materials.

Go check out their store! They also sell beautiful paper crafts and handmade doll clothes!

Here’s the link, tell them I sent you if you visit! DesignsFiftyNine Store


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