How To: Gradient Eyeliner

Ah, the snow is falling in my sleepy little town. We never, ever have gotten a snow this big (Thank you polar vortex/Elsa). Normally we are lucky to get a light dusting each year ^_^.

Ahhhhhh, alright…back to my original tutorial! So, in honor of the beautiful snow, tonight I’ll show you guys how to create a simple and angelic gradient eyeliner look. This look is perfect for anytime of the day, and you can make it edgier/softer depending on what color choices you pick!

The first variation will be the “Snow Baby” look. I’ll be using an angled eyeliner brush and my Lorac “Tease Me Truffles” pallet in plum.

The technique is easy. Apply your lightest shade along the whole lash line. Next with your medium shade, start applying at about where your pupil starts. Lastly apply the darkest shade on the last third of your lash line. Just continue layering more eyeshadow on if needed to make the color stand out more.

Pretty cool huh?

Next, I’ll show you how to spice it up a bit with a night time variation.
Here’s the products I’ll be using:

Again, I lined my whole lid with the gold, filled in the middle with the dark brown, and then finished off the lid with a winged black tip for a pop of sass.
And here it is completed:

These both literally took less than 2 mins. Paired with a quick pop of blush, mascara and a neutral lip, these looks make for a seriously quick and trendy update to your routine! Try it with colors that complement your own eye color, or try bright neons! This look is about being creative and having fun, so go for it!

Goodnight, and enjoy the snow if you’re in NC!


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