~Sasa.com Haul and Reviews~

Hey Guys! For my birthday this year I asked for some products from Sasa.com. If you haven’t heard of Sasa, it’s a cosmetics store in Asia, (I found out by watching Bubzbeauty’s videos ^.^) They stock tons and tons of awesome Asian brands and even some well known American brands! I’ll show you what all I got, and I’ll tell you how I feel about each product~ And I’ll go ahead and link to all the products too 🙂

1. The Rich Premier Ultra Honey Hair Mask by Essential  

honey maskopen honey mask

THIS.STUFF.IS.AWESOME…This cute little honey pot is a savior for dry, frizzy, or damaged strands everywhere. It smells sweet and flowery, and leaves your hair super soft and manageable! I use it every couple of days, and it really works wonders.

Directions: After rinsing shampoo off of hair, apply a quarter sized amount of the mask onto the bottom half of your hair and rinse away after five minutes. If you want, you can use a conditioner before you apply the mask for extra hydration, but this isn’t recommended for oily hair.

2. McGirly Smoothie Pack (Brightening) by Too Cool for School

lemon rice mask

This very inexpensive little mask is a treat! It’s like putting rice pudding on your face! Although I don’t have any dark spots that need brightening, this mask does soften my skin and make it firm. If you have dark spots that need correcting or are in need of hydration, this is a great option, plus one pack = 4-5 uses!

3. Diamond V-Fit Mask by Mask House 

v mask

Now I’d heard many great claims to this mask, and I must say, I’m impressed. The product claims to reduce double-chin effects and extra fat by boosting the metabolic processes of your skin. Each pack contains a wet mask which you place on your chin area, and the kit offers the pink and black band shown above, which you strap onto your head to keep the mask in place. I’ll admit, you will look like a complete buffoon in this get-up, and you will get made fun of by your family XD, but it does offer results. For the price, I wouldn’t buy it often, but for the holiday seasons when you might be going to a lot of parties, it’s a nice little treat to give yourself.

Directions: Apply wet mask to a clean face, strap on the slimming band, and wait for 45 mins. You will feel a warming sensation in the mask, but it’s quite pleasant on cold autumn nights :). When you take it off, massage the left over serum into your neck as a nice moisturizer.

4. Mini BB Gift Set by Skin79

bb creams

Once again I’d heard amazing things about these BB creams, and since I couldn’t pick just one out I tried the gift set of what I assume is their best sellers. I had a few inhibitions though like: What if they’re too dark for me? What if they don’t have good coverage? etc… Well boy was I worried for nothing! I’m in love~~~ These BB creams provide great coverage (they replace foundation), they last long, they don’t need to be set with powder, and they can oxidize to fit most light to medium skin tones. Believe me, I’m one of the palest people around, so if it fits my tone it will likely fit your tone. I think my favorite is the Diamond Pearl sample. It has a touch of sparkle to it and makes your skin glow like the moon (and miraculously it lasts all day even with my oily skin)!!! If you’re older or don’t like sparkle, all the others would suit you. I can’t wait to try even more of Skin79’s extensive BB cream collection! Must haves for sure!

5. Angel Long and Uplifting Mascara by Suki 

suki mascara

How much more adorable can a mascara get? (Suki also has a Devil themed one for the sassy chicks out there too :D)

I honestly wanted it because it’s cute but it is a great mascara! I would even compare it to my Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara which is by far, the best mascara out there (So that’s a BIG complement)! I was pleasantly surprised, and I would definitely buy this again!

Look how nice my lashes look with just one coat!

sasa eyes

6. WINK UP Eye Glitter Eyeliner by Naris Up 

bubbi pink eyeliner

Bubbi raves about this product a lot in her videos as a great highlighter for the inner corners of your eyes. For some reason I wanted this eyeliner more than anything else since Bubbi recommended it! I have to say though, I’m kinda disappointed. It does give a subtle highlight, but it’s not very pigmented like it looks in Bubbi’s videos. 😦

Well that’s all for today everyone! Hope you all enjoyed this lengthy review, and I hope you try some of these great products! You’ll be glad you did!

Much love,


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