Give Thanks to the Salamanders

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Hope you all had plenty of yummy turkey and gravy! Today I wanted to do a sort of different post…a post about Chopsticks for Salamanders. 



This lovely organization was founded by Lauren Augustine who I had the opportunity to meet at the National Zoo as a part of the WYSE program. The concept is simple, buy a pair of reusable chopsticks, and contribute to salamander research, + help keep the environment free of waste. 

So, why chopsticks? Well according to CFS…

“Though chopsticks may not seem like a common utensil in American culture, their production is one of the leading causes of international deforestation and loss of critical amphibian habitat. Nearly one-third of the world’s amphibian species have been classified as threatened near extinction due, in part, to increasing run-off,  rising ground temperatures,  the disruption of vernal pools and other issues associated with deforestation.”

“By using re-usable chopsticks, consumers take a stand for forest stewardship. Disposable chopsticks are typically made from old-growth forests that are clear cut in search for the perfect straight-grained wood used for chopsticks. A total of 3.8 million trees are produced annually in China for chopsticks. With recent tax hikes on Chinese chopsticks, the United States is now being targeted to become more open to disposable chopstick manufacturing.” 

By contributing towards this organization, more light can be shed on the beautiful and unique salamanders of the world, and we can clean up the Earth! So, let’s spread the word! Anyone up for some Asian food? 😀

Chopsticks For Salamanders Webpage

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