5 New Ways to Use Your Makeup

Long time no see! Today I thought I’d show you guys a few tricks for using your makeup in new ways. You might never think it, but makeup doesn’t have to necessarily be used for its intended purpose only! I might have mentioned a trick or two before in earlier posts, but its what-evs.

1. Use an eyebrow pencil as an eyeliner. I used this one when I forgot to bring my makeup bag back after the last night of our Fall musical (it had both of my brown eyeliners in there). If you ever run into a situation like that, or are just feeling lazy, try it. Since most eyebrow pencils are more waxy, they actually tend to stay on your eyes longer. This can be especially helpful for those of you with oily eyelids, but the only downside is that it’s a little harder to draw a line with.

P.S- You can also try the reverse: using an eyeliner as a brow pencil. Just don’t forget to brush it out nicely with a brow brush.

2. Try your bronzer as an eyeshadow.
See a tutorial that calls for a brown shade of shadow? Just use your bronzer for a very natural look.

3. Have an eyeshadow you don’t ever use? Turn it into home-made nail polish!
All you have to do is take your shadow (I’d recommend using a loose powder formula to save time)
take some clear nail polish or varnish – whatever you have, and combine the two until you reach your desired color.
I tried this once with a soft pink eyeshadow and it turned out quite nicely!

4. Use a lip product as a blush.
lipstick-stackbaby lips 2
You may have already heard that you could use a lipstick as a blush, but don’t stop there. You can use a balm for a more sheer wash of color, or you could even try a lip stain for a more powerful look. Just apply very sparingly, as most of the time a little will go a long way!

5. Try a white, pearl, or light gold eyeshadow as a highlighter. If you’re on a budget, don’t even buy a highlighter and just use any of these shades of eyeshadow you have. Apply across the apples of your cheeks, on your brow bow, in your inner corners and on your cupid’s bow for a dewy and youthful glow.

And now, number 6 for fun!
6. If you absolutely need a gel eyeliner but can’t find one, use a black mascara! Dip a detail brush into the tube and go for it!*

*But really, it can be done (only in emergencies of course!)

Hopefully that was helpful, and ttyl!
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