Official Trailer for “A Nation Divided”

Happy Veteran’s Day everyone! In honor of this holiday, my good friend and director Mr. Kaskay has decided to release a new trailer for his first film, “A Nation Divided” which follows the heartbreaking story of a young soldier fighting in The Civil War. Please support him by watching, subscribing to his blog and youtube channel, and check back for updates! I’ll be reblogging anything to do with the film here so you can check it out 🙂


Today, I released the official trailer for “A Nation Divided,” the movie that I spent nearly the whole of 2013 writing, filming, editing, and revising over and over again. The movie will be released on YouTube in December, probably around Christmas time.

I am so thankful for all that helped during the project, and I hope to make some great use of this material that we put sweat, blood, and tears into. So, if you can share, please do! I really hope we touch some souls with our film and that people enjoy watching it.

The song is by independent musician, Lauren O’Connell, and is entitled, “Little Maggie.” It’s an American folk song – and a lovely one at that. She graciously allowed me to use her music for the film, but time constraints made it impossible, so I used it in the first trailer. Please check out her music…

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