~Get Rid of a Pimple Fast With One Quick Trick~

Ever been in a rush to get somewhere nice or just been plain tired of a zit? Me too.

If you ever have a problem pimple, use this gentle and effective trick to get that sucker out.


1. As soon as you notice the pimple appearing, get out a wash cloth or cotton ball and run it under hot water. Place it over your pimple for at least 10 seconds. The hot water will open up the infected pore and allow you to get the gunk out.

2. Remove the cloth and start squeezing at the pimple (gently, mind you) try lots of different angles, because each pore faces a different direction. Hopefully you can get it all out in one go, but if not, simply wait half a day and repeat the process. For my skin, after I’ve wrestled with a zit for a couple days it gives up.

If you’re afraid your skin might flare up after you pop your zit, apply a toner or astringent to deeply clean the pore.

That’s it! Hope this is helpful, and may your skin glow with beauty!

– Claire

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