Jane Porter Makeup (Inspired by the Disney Movie “Tarzan”)

Good evening everyone, it’s been a tiring week. Thankfully I got to rest up a bit after taking the SAT, and writing essays for AP English and AP European History. Yesterday as I was relaxing I got the hankering to watch some Tarzan clips on Youtube. Sadly there’s not a lot on there because of copy rights and stuff like that but I got to watch the scene with Jane and that stupid baby baboon I’ve always abhorred XD. Seriously, that monkey is horrible.

Anyway, I never really noticed until yesterday that Jane has a very distinct makeup look. I always thought she went “au naturale” but no, she apparently remembered whatever she learned in “finishing school” and looks pretty prim, even in the jungle.

Don’t believe me? Take a looksies.

JaneJane 2



She sports violet eyeshadow with indigo eyeliner complemented by rosy cheeks and lips.

Oh, and just because Halloween has passed doesn’t mean you can’t still wear you’re favorite (or my favorite at least) Disney heroine’s makeup! It’s actually a wearable look, especially for blue or brown eyes!

1. Apply a foundation of your choice. I’d assume Jane wore a powder formula since she’s in the sticky and humid jungle. Apply concealer to any spots or under eye circles and blend out thoroughly. For shine control and all-day coverage, dust a translucent powder over your skin or mist a setting spray over your makeup.

2. Apply a rosy-plum shade of blush. When in doubt, go with something that looks like your grandma would wear. It sounds tacky but Jane lived in the early 1900’s so of course her makeup would reflect that. I used my Estee Lauder blush as shown here



The swatch for the blush is on my right-most finger.

3. Go ahead and fill in your eyebrows with a pencil or powder of your choice. If you want to be super authentic, shape your eyebrows the way Jane’s are. If you look at the pictures above you’ll notice that her brows wing upward at the beginning.

4. For your eyeshadow apply a nice primer. I used Too-Faced’s Eye-surance primer. Apply all over your lids and let dry. Next, take a warm violet color and sweep all across your lid. For reference, it is the middle finger swatch, and the top right eyeshadow on the pallet. Now for added definition, apply a darker shade of purple on the outer third of your crease, blending in generously. The color I used is the left finger and the darker shade of purple on the bottom right of the pallet.

5. Take a royal blue eyeliner…



and thinly line your upper lash line. If you want to amp up your eyes apply the liner to the inner third of your lower water line.

6. The last step for your eyes is to apply a two coats of your favorite black mascara to your upper and lower lashes.

Here is the finished eye makeup.



7. If you’d like, contour your cheekbones and nose with a matte bronzer. I’d recommend Benefit’s Hoola powder since it looks so natural. For a nice little picture guide to contouring, click here.

8. Make sure your lips are smooth and un-chappy, and apply a rose colored lipstick or balm if you prefer. I used Estee Lauder’s Lip stick in “Blushing”



And you’re done! If you want you can wear a yellow dress or sweater to get even more into the “Jane” mood.

On a cute note, I just remembered that when I was little, I wanted to change my name to Jane…bless my heart.

prim lookmessy look



You can wrap your hair into a bun like pre-Tarzan Jane, or let your wild tresses flow free like post-Tarzan Jane :).

Hope you all enjoy this tutorial, and have a great evening!

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