Claire With the Red Hair Gets a Fringe!

On a side note- “Claire with the red hair” came from this chick Kaitlyn in theatre- I call her “Kate the Great” 😀

Today my nana came over again to cut my hair because she’s better than normal hair stylists. As you can probably see from my recent posts, my bangs have grown out alot. So I asked her to give me the dolly bangs again ^_^.

I’m very happy with them! I just think I look better with them like this for some reason. They suit me I guess!
Now for anyone who is interested in getting bangs/fringe, be sure to look in magazines and online to find what you really want. Take note of your face shape, as one style may look completely different on two different facial shapes.
And most importantly, try to imagine yourself with bangs. There are a lot of websites like DailyMakeover that let you upload a picture of yourself and try on hairstyles and makeup. Take advantage of these valuable resources ok? It’s your hair and you should love what you have!

That’s it for this little update, hope you all have a wonderful night ^.^!

Peace Out!

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