Pretty Porcelain Makeup for All My Fair Girls

It’s officially Autumn y’all! I’m so excited!!! Here’s the look I promised for fair skinned girls last week. It’s all about enhancing your natural Snow-White complexion and getting that “doe-eyed” look! I’ve experimented and found a lot of ways to make a gorgeous “porcelain” look, so I’ll just share one of the more wearable and natural ones!

Let’s get started!

1st: I’m using It Cosmetic’s Bye Bye Undereye concealer and the Celebration Foundation to create a picture-perfect base for the rest of the makeup. Just apply the concealer under your eyes and on any spots, and sweep your foundation lightly across your face with a powder brush.
photo 1
This stuff is seriously amazing. Never has a foundation looked better on me than this. It’s expensive, but hey, Christmas is coming up right?

2nd: For girls like me, the key is to keep the skin looking hydrated, dewy and youthful. Cake-y heavy makeup does not flatter fair skin (or any skin color) at all.
Keeping that in mind, I’m using Loreal’s Soufflé Blush pot in Celestial Divin to give my cheeks a beautiful flush of color.
photo 2
Just take a small bit on your finger, dab a few dots on each cheek and blend away. Don’t be afraid if it stands out; you’ll look like a porcelain doll I promise!

3rd: Taking my little sample of Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer…
photo 3
I’m going to apply some to a small detail brush and contour my nose and cheekbones. To do this, you make two lines on your nose and bring them together at the point. Blend them downwards until they look like shadows. For your cheekbones, make a fish face and apply the bronzer where your cheeks become hollow with a blush brush. Contouring these areas will make your face appear smaller and more delicate.

4th: Onto the eyes; the main attraction…
Just so my lids wouldn’t be naked I applied just a light shade of brown to my lids only. Any light neutral shade will look good. Next, use a black liquid liner of your choice and just line your lids. Don’t worry about the downward wing yet; concentrate on getting both eyes to look the same. Once you’ve done that, carefully extend the liner downward (following the natural curve of your upper lash line). Connect it to your lower lash line, and fill in the gap with horizontal strokes. This will make your eye’s look big, drowsy and doll-like.If you need to, tightine your upper water line to make your lashes appear fuller. With your standard-issue white eyeliner, line your lower water line to make your eyes POP even more. Finish with a volumizing mascara on both your upper and lower lashes.

5th: Almost done… Any rose or pink color would look great but I’m using this light mauve color called Stockholm. This NYX lip creme is really a different product;photo 4
not a lip stick, but not a balm, gloss, or tint either. It’s in its own league. Click here to see it in a bolder shade. Feel like a doll yet? You should, cause you’re finished! Hope you all enjoy this easy look, and have a beautiful weekend guys!

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