Women’s Show Haul!

Hope all of you guys are having a super sassy Sunday, today I’ll be showing you what I bought yesterday at the Southern Women’s Show in Charlotte. If you want to see what it is and what I did there click here!

There were a lot of cute little local boutiques so it was hard for me to choose just a few things!
I decided on this dress from Ryu Boutique
photo 1

Let me tell you that store was “CLAIRE” on a stick, like really. I wanted everything ._.
Here’s the link to their website if you’re interested!

I also got this super precious bird’s nest necklace from the Shabby Chic Boutique!
photo 3
It’s the same boutique as the Ryu dress so you can find it on the website I linked to ^_^

Of course I took a look at the Benefit booth…and ended up with the SugarBomb blush and lipgloss. They gave me a mini Benetint as a gift!
photo 4

I was a little afraid that that particular blush would be too dark, but the lady at the counter put some on my cheeks and it looks so good! It’s very warming to the complexion and flatters my ivory skin tone. The lip gloss is pretty awesome too, it’s not sticky at all and complements the blush well.

Ok, so this isn’t really a “buy” but there was this booth for Broadway Nails, and they were putting fake nails on for everyone! You walked up and picked which one you wanted out of the 15 or so choices, waited in a little line and they put them on for you and gave you a coupon! You could even take how ever many you wanted home! My friends and I collectively took about 25 sets home XD!
Here’s some of my favorites that my lovely mom picked for me:
photo 2
I especially like the Disney Villain inspired ones; I think these are Cruella and the Evil Queen from Snow White.
Here’s the link to their website.

And that’s it for this haul! If you have time definitely check out that Shabby Chic Boutique, it’s so CUTE! A little pricey, but hey, Christmas is coming up soon 😉

A look for all my porcelain home girls is coming up next! Stay tuned!

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