Stila “Not so Bare” Palette Mini Review and Swatches!

Yesterday I went to Ulta and got this lovely little palette by Stila . Out of all the high-end brands, I think Benefit and Stila are my top pick, mostly because of the adorable and eye-catching packaging, as you can see here.

stila 2


Too cute right? I know. And only $20…which isn’t too bad for all that you get.

Here’s what the inside looks like.



You get 6 eyeshadows (four satin, two matte), a highlighting powder, and a lip/blush combo cream. I played around with the colors yesterday and today and they seem pretty good quality to me.

I swatched all of the colors for you all;

stila 3


From top left; Sugar, Fawn, Barefoot and Buff (which is so light it’s imperceptible to my camera ._.) On the bottom we have Mink, Dolce, and Lily.

They’re basically all variants of browns and khaki’s with one black shade. The lip/blush cream is nice and blendable; only requiring a little bit for both cheeks. I like it better as a blush than a lip gloss definitely.

This would be the ideal little travel sized palette for those of you on the go, or a nice little daytime palette for anyone really. I’ll have to play with it a little more but I think this will end up being my next go-to palette!

Happy Sunday and God Bless!

-Claire  ^_^

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