Audrey Hepburn Inspired Look!

Well long time no see! With three AP classes this semester I was afraid I would never get to blog again XD! Thankfully my weekends are for the most part free, so I can reconnect with you all!

I’ve had a cold/bad allergies for the past few days so I’ve been a bit uncomfortable, but today I thought I’d play with my makeup and show you guys this look I promised earlier! It’s quite simple; as most of my creations are, but be warned. You are guaranteed to be noticed wearing this look, so if you’re a wall flower you might want to tone down the lip color or eyeliner!  If you enjoy the spotlight like me, you’ll get a kick out of this!

Oh! You might need this picture if you’re not familiar with dear Audrey. This is kind of her ‘signature look’


Ok! Let’s get started!

1st:  Apply your normal concealer and a matte powder or powder foundation to create a nice matte finish to the skin. I used NYX’s concealer wand and their “Stay Matte not Flat” foundation.


2nd:  With a brow pencil, fill in any sparse areas and lightly feather some color above your actual brow to make them appear thicker like Audrey’s. If you have a sharp arch, fill in the space to create a softer, more youthful straight line. I used NYX’s automatic eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown.


3rd: Prime your lids and your lower lash line. With a matte champagne and chestnut color…


Take the first color and place it across your upper lid. With a detail brush, take the darker shade and lightly line half of your lower lash line. These eyeshadows are from the Stila Not so Bare Pallet.

4th: Onto the signature eyeliner! With a gel or liquid liner black liner, thickly line your whole lid. Don’t worry about the wing just yet, just get a crisp, straight line. For the wing, don’t try to be dramatic – just follow the upward curve of your lower lash line and make a continuation of it. Try to make your wing as small as you can, and if you mess up, just wipe the mistake off with a q-tip or washcloth.

5th: With a volumizing mascara – I recommend this one by Estee Lauder… it’s so good! Oh, and here’s the Essence Liquid Liner I used…


Apply two generous coats to your upper lashes and one coat to your lower lashes.

6th: Alright, one more step…THE LIPS :D! You’ll need a bright, almost orange-y red lip liner for the ultimate matte finish.


Just swipe some color and blend out with your fingers or a lip brush. To increase the intensity, apply extra coats of color!

And you are finished!


Hope you really enjoy this tutorial, and have a great weekend!

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