Eat For Your Beauty and the Environment

Today I want to share with you guys something I believe can make a big difference in our lives. We all hear about how people are getting more and more unhealthy and the obesity rates and all that. But that’s not the whole story; all this processed, artificial food is taking it’s toll on the environment as well.

By being more conscious about what we put into our body, we can have better skin, hair and nails, lose weight potentially and help reduce waste!

It’s actually really easy; after your body learns the different tastes you begin to crave healthier food!

Let’s start with some of my go-to fruits and veggies!


I love bananas, grapes and carrots because they all contain natural sweetness! If you’re craving some sugar, these can help curb it! And if you love ice cream, try freezing a banana for a few hours; it’s just like it!
Cucumbers are great too; just wash and slice up. They’re so refreshing- and a great pallet cleanser too!

Now onto my protein picks:


Salmon contains Omega 3 oils and loads of other benefits- I love it with whole grain rice!
Eggs are a wonderful source of protein believe it or not- try making an omlette with turkey and a little mozzarella for a five minute punch of protein.
And tofu. It sounds overrated but really- it tastes just like chicken to me! And it’s a much healthier option, for vegatarians and omnivores alike!

Here’s a few quick fix swaps you can make!

If you’re craving a crunch, try cashews; they have a great bite and are sweet!
Instead of white rice or fruit cups, try brown whole grain rice and no sugar added applesauce. I promise they taste the same- maybe even better!

Water is the best option you could ever give your body.

After taking out soda for a few weeks, I actually started to crave water. Now when I taste soda I almost gag because the difference is staggering. Drinking water also clears your skin up remarkably! Chug! Chug! Chug!

By making these small changes in diet, you can help ensure a happy and healthy future for you and the Earth.

Happy Eating!

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