My Oily-Skin Recommendations!

For anyone out there that’s like me and has oily or combination skin – I feel your pain. Sometimes I wish I even had dry skin since my skin becomes shiny just after a few hours! Today I’m going to show you my skin care routine that helps me manage my oilyness!

My three products are from Clean and Clear

First I use the foaming cleanser to wash my makeup off. Then, if I want to exfoliate with my Lush sea salt scrub I can do so; just always remember to remove your makeup before applying a mask or exfoliating!

Second I dab a little of the astringent on a cotten ball and apply it to my T zone to help soak up any extra oil. I love how it tingles and makes you feel clean!

This sounds like the last thing oily skinned girls should do but you must moisturize! Oily skin happens because the skin over compensates. When you moisturize, you provide the skin with a healthy alternative to what it would do normally do to provide moisture!

Also it helps me if I use blotting sheets – I always use the NYX sheets, they’re very gentle and don’t mess up the makeup you already have on.

I hope you all found this helpful, and may your skin problems fade away!

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