Daisy Buchanan Inspired Look

I think Carey Mulligan makes the perfect Daisy; she just has that wistful, sleepy look to her.

daisy 2

As promised earlier on my Jordan Inspired Look, I did Carey Mulligan’s makeup from The Great Gatsby.

eye comparison

Daisy’s makeup is quite the opposite of Jordan’s; Daisy’s makeup is focused on enhancing and playing up her natural features such as her big eyes and porcelain skin.

daisy 1

Lets get started then!

1st: Her face doesn’t appear to be caked in foundation so we’re not going to do that either. Instead, use a light BB cream and apply all over your face, blending into your hairline and jaw. Next, use your favorite concealer and apply under your eyes, all around your nose, and over any spots you may have. Remember to only use what you need; we want the illusion of no makeup on. To protect your makeup from sliding and from getting oily, use a powder and dab lightly all over your face.

Here are the products I used for these steps:


2nd: Daisy’s brows are very rounded and extend downward towards the end. All you need to do is take a powder or pencil in your shade and smooth out any harsh angles and extend your brows down if need be. Mine already are very long and full so I just rounded them out a tad.

3rd: Apply a matte plum or rosy blush. The color changes depending on what picture your looking at, so anything matte will do just fine!

Here’s the color I used. It’s from Estee Lauder


4th: Onto the eyes. You’ll need something similar to these outlined shades I have from Estee Lauder –


With a satin white, apply all over your lid up to the crease. Also apply in your inner corners and along your brow bone as a highlight. Taking the light brown shade, apply over the white and blend into the crease. With a detail brush, rim your lower lash line with this shade. Take care to blend thoroughly, this should look like a shadow under your eye and not a harsh line. Taking a peachy plum color, apply just above the crease lightly. This will bring warmth to the eyes.

Now use a dark brown shadow or liner and line as close to the upper lash line as possible. Curl your lashes and apply a lengthening mascara to your upper and lower lashes. Don’t bother with a second coat; her lashes aren’t bold at all.

5th: To really get her glowing skin, apply a highlighter on your cheekbone and on your cupids bow. Don’t worry if you don’t have a pen or liquid highlighter, you can get the same effect from a shimmery white or cream eyeshadow!

6th: To finish off, I used a mix of these two Estee Lauder lipsticks


I applied the gold shimmery one first by dabbing on my lips, and then applied the rosy color to my bottom lip and defined my cupids bow with it.

And the look is complete!

face 2

Hope you enjoy this easy, natural look!
Have a great day guys 😀  – and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram! @clairedelune1113

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