Arizona Day 5! Slide Rock and OOTD!

The wifi’s back! *angels singing from the clouds*

It’s a day late, but here’s my day 5 of vacation! We went to Slide Rock Park, a stream in the middle of two cliff faces that deposited into a deeper pool.

It was so pretty here! Hot but pretty!


I felt like Dora the Explorer; braving slippery rocks, ice cold water, big jumps and all that! I had so much fun!

If you ever go there, see if you can find this where the deep pool starts!

Now onto the OOTD from later that day!

I’m wearing my absolute favorite dress ever from Forever 21! It makes me feel so classy! From Forever 21 also my beloved fedora!

Wearing my “trendy bold eyeliner look” with a little white eyeshadow on the inner corners… Check out the original – link on my “makeup looks” page

Thats it for yesterday! Hope you all enjoy your day!

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