Sedona AZ: Day 3 – OOTD and Exploring Jerome!

Hello! Today we went to the town of Jerome which was about thirty minutes away. It’s a small tourist town and it’s right next to an old “ghost” miner town.

Let’s start with breakfast! I made banana sushi, which is just banana coated in peanut butter and cereal. I also had some yummy cherries!


We didn’t go to the actual ghost town, (it looked like a junkyard and cost $25) but we saw the old mine elevator.



the drop was longer than the Empire State Building!

We went shopping at all the little artsy shops. Look at this thing! It looks exactly like a rock but it’s SOAP! And lord knows I love anything bath related!



I was flabbergasted!



I love to leave my mark wherever I can 🙂 This was a box full of tree branch pencils!



This is the population of the mining area.

And here’s downtown Jerome –






I’m wearing a lovely top from Charlotte Russe with hight waisted jeans from Forever 21.

Here’s my hairstyle – I was amazed I could pull this off



Apparently the “wrap a strand around the tie to hide it” trick is easier than I thought!


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