Twiggy Inspired Look

Everyone knows Twiggy; the model from the 60’s with the doll eyes.Image

She was a fashion inspiration then, and still continues to be today. Here’s how to get her signature makeup look! 

PS- You only need two eyeshadow colors! 

1. Twiggy looks as if she isn’t wearing any foundation or concealer at all. Some of us aren’t so fortunate and need a little help. I used a light BB cream over primer and then concealed my under eye circles and spots Image

She also has contoured cheek bones, so I used my favorite bronzer to mimic that. Just make a fishy face and lightly sweep the bronzer on the hollow parts. No need for blush.

2.  Now onto the eyes. Image



Get out your liquid liner and line all the way across your lid, getting thicker at the edge. To get those dolly lower lashes, make little lines in between your lower lashes and start to wing them out at the edge. Be patient; this requires a very steady hand and may take a while to get used to.  With the eyeliner done, grab your eye shadow. 



taking the black, dab a little on a detail brush and line the crease of your eye. (the crease is where the eyeball sinks into your forehead) Start in the middle and blend it outward towards the sides of your eye. This makes the eyes appear deeper set, 

With the white shade, highlight the first third of your upper lid, in between the crease line and the eyeliner. 

Now with a volumizing mascara, apply a few generous coats to both your upper and lower lashes. Twiggy wears falsies; I didn’t have any on me at the time! 

4. Twiggy’s lips are very natural, so I just applied a nude shimmery gloss to plump my lips up.  And now we’re done! 



Hope you guys enjoy this look! 

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