My Adventure with Rusty the Red Panda.

I bet half of you guys haven’t even heard of a red panda! Here’s Rusty, my red panda buddy. Image

So cute isn’t he? I know. 

So I’m at the Washington Youth Summit on the Environment, and our first trip is to the National Zoo. We’re all stoked but when we arrive the guides tell us we cannot get out of the bus. They say “Our red panda escaped.” We think it’s a joke, but NO. When we’re finally out of the bus, all the staff’s running around saying “code green, code green!” It was pretty exciting, let me tell you. Poor Rusty. He escaped by hopping tree from tree out of his enclosure into someone’s yard. A girl later then instagramed a picture of him in her backyard, which led to his rescue. 

As we were walking out of the zoo to go back to the dorms, the national news lady was talking with a stuffed red panda in her hands. I’ll be honest; I wanted to jump in and be on t.v, but that’s discouraged in a scholarly program like WYSE. Darn. 

I even found this cartoon. Image

So yes, you could say I’m a red panda expert (obviously not), but these little babies are greatly endangered. If you live near the D.C area I strongly recommend you go to the zoo and see these little guys and learn about them. Be conscientious about how you treat the planet, because what you do can affect these little cuties. And who doesn’t love small, fluffy animals?

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