Education in America, Bricks in the Wall


Education. The mere word is wonderful, I think.  The thought of learning and expanding horizons does a lot of soul-soothing for me – except for the fact that I have some major concerns.

“Why?” Why is a beautiful question. It created the idea of science, it fuels the world’s most innovative creators, and it leads to self-exploration and a greater understanding of the world.

From a small age, we are told not to ask, “Why?”

Our parents tell us, “Because we said so.”

Our teachers tell us, “We don’t have time to further discuss that topic in class,” or “I don’t know.”

A large part of society wants us to shut up and continue with bland daily lives, but the other part – the one that keeps the world turning – says, “Let’s figure it out together.”

I believe we should all have this attitude, but unfortunately I rarely ever…

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