Cloudless Films (And Why You Should Care)

Don’t ya just love a good film? Like “The Hunger Games” or “Star Wars” or “The Wizard of Oz”, whether it be for the cinematics, the story, or for the moral, everyone loves movies. One of my best friends, Billy Kaskay, has taken it upon himself to delve into this world. By writing,  producing, directing, and acting in stories he’s come up with, he hopes to bring a message that touches everyone.

I have the honor of playing the lead in his new movie…you’ll have to subscribe and check out his website  for more info on that! 

Pssst, he also posts bloopers and behind the scenes…the bloopers are great XD

Please check him out, we may be a group of high school students now, but someday we’ll shine brighter than the stars. 

Thank you so much, and hope you enjoy following the journey. 


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