Use Lush, Support the Earth (A Lush Product Overview)

I’ll be totally honest; I first heard about Lush from watching Shane Dawson’s vlogs on YouTube. He would go to Universal City Walk in L.A with his girlfriend, and they would go into lush and look. I was so excited when we decided to go to California for our vacation that year and one of the first things I said I wanted to do was go to Lush. So after visiting San Francisco, Yosemite, and Monterey,  we traveled to L.A. I’ll be honest yet again; Los Angeles felt eerie and cold to me…that is, until we got to Lush. I was greeted right away by this sweet girl who gave great recommendations and demonstrated some of the products on my hands. I was in the zone. I mean, the soaps looked like a cheese pantry. A RAINBOW CHEESE PANTRY. *sigh* But from then on, I’ve loved Lush.  All of their products are made with organic, all natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals or dyes at all. A lot of their products are vegan also! It’s truly wonderful. Here’s an overview of some of their products I have on me at this moment.  Image

First: The Buffy Bar



wow it blends in with the granite XD! This Buffy Bar is an exfoliator,  you rub it wherever and it buffs away dead skin. It also moisturizes as well though, providing a two-in-one type deal. It doesn’t have the greatest scent, it’s like shea butter. It is, however, a wonderful on the go product. 

Next: It Stared With a Kiss Lip Tint



A very different consistency, not a balm, gloss, or anything in between. You can apply it with your fingers but I’d recommend a lip brush. It gives a very sweet candy apple red. I’d also apply a balm over it, just to hydrate the lips more. 

Number Three: Mint Juleps Lip Scrub



Best thing for lips ever. It’s minty castor sugar – you take a pinch, rub it on your lips and walah! You’re left with silky smooth lips ( and a smooth lip stick canvass). I also really like how it makes my lips really plump and cherry colored. A must have! 

Next: Fair Trade Honey Shampoo



As you can see, I’ve almost used this up! My favorite shampoo to date. Half of the whole thing is pure, fairly traded honey from around the world. Totally natural and vegan. Smells beautifully flowery, some people might not like the medicinal quality of the scent though. I like it, it’s like the bottle says, you don’t even need to wear perfume with this shampoo! I certainly get alot of complements on it! 

And Lastly: Ocean Salt Facial Cleanser



A truly great thing to have. It’s an all natural fine and course sea salt scrub and cleanser. I use it once or twice a week to remove any dead skin and such. It smells awesome, just like your laying in the tide! Again, totally organic and earth friendly. 

So go to your nearest Lush or on their website and check out their stuff, (BATH BOMBS HELLO?!) I love it and I know you will too, or you’re a freak. Great for the planet, and our bodies! 

3 thoughts on “Use Lush, Support the Earth (A Lush Product Overview)

  1. Emma says:

    Simply sugar -The girl started the company at age eight and now she’s 18. She went on shark tank and she stood her ground smiling and politely told them no. Didn’t need them. If they wouldn’t invest her way she wasn’t interested. I applauded her since she had the right stuff. No patent available since all natural. HVR

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