My Favorite Perfume!

Every girl should have her own signature scent; you know, something people can recognize you with. Most of my friends carry around a dozen or so miniature spritzers that they use several times a day and I’m just thinking, “Pick a scent ladies, come on!” No need to smell like a candy shop!
These two perfumes are from Aerie and they are divine~

The first one I have is their signature scent called “Aerie“, naturally. It has a medium bodied scent, almost like baked apples maybe? It’s very alluring and smooth. 
The second perfume I have is called “Daydream” and it comes in this beautiful bottle with a backdrop and a pink bow (which I have sadly misplaced). This scent is probably my favorite of the two; it’s very light and refreshing, slightly floral and just smells clean. 
I would highly recommend these perfumes to anyone who doesn’t want their scent to be overpowering or to heavy. These perfumes of course are a little more expensive than the stuff you can find at Bath and Body Works, but the quality difference is notable. For feminine, alluring, yet light scents, check out Aerie’s collection!
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