Maybelline Baby Lips and Why They’re Fantastic!

I discovered Baby Lips at the end of my freshman year when I noticed my friend using one of them during class. She said “Smell this! It smells like Fruit Loops!” I wouldn’t call it Fruit Loops, but it did smell like a delicious pina colada! After I smelled it (and sneaked a bit on my lips) I decided I had to go get one for myself! Almost two years later, I’m a baby lips addict. Here’s my collection.

From left to right:
Quenched- A clear balm that smells like pina colada (I cant get enough of it)
Grapevine- It looks like it would be harsh but it gives a very subtle and pretty berry stain, and smells like a grape popsicle.
Peach Kiss- A shimmery nude color with a sweet peach scent
Cherry Me- Most people expect a pop of loud red color but it’s more of a sheer strawberry red tint. Smells just like a cherry jolly rancher!
Twinkle – supposed to have a very light pink color but to me it’s more clear. It smells so good though, like cotton candy!
Coral Crush- Smells like oranges! It gives a very trendy orangy-coral color that looks better than you might think
For summer especially, and when a lipstick is too much, try Baby Lips. They keep your lips smooth and hydrated for a good while. You’ll probably end up like me and want to apply the whole stick at one time (yeah, it’s that good) 
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