How to Get Rose’s Look from Titanic!

Who doesn’t love Titanic? But more specifically, who doesn’t love Rose’s earthy, matte look? Here’s how to do it!
You will need:

  1. A prepped face; use your favorite foundation, concealer, bb cream etc, but try not to use anything with an overly dewy finish. 
  2. A light chestnut, a dark brown, a black and deep plum eyeshadow.
  3. A deep dark pink blush.
  5. (Optional) Rose’s eyebrows are full, dark, and arched. It’s up to you if you want to do that!

After you’ve prepped your face, apply the blush in big sweeping motions across your entire cheekbone (not just the apples). Next with the chestnut shade, apply a wash all over your eyelids as a base. With the dark brown, define your crease and outer lid, then with a detail brush, line your lower lash line with this shade. With the plum shade, apply over the dark brown on the outer lids. For eyeliner, Rose uses matte black eye-shadow applied with a detail brush. To finish, lightly dab the red lipstick on your lips until your desired color is built. Walahh! You’re Rose!

Here’s how I look with her makeup on:
You can also curl your hair for the full experience! 

6 thoughts on “How to Get Rose’s Look from Titanic!

  1. silentwriter96 says:

    Hi Claire! It’s Lauren M. Wanted to say that this is a really cool blog & I’m definitely going to try some of these makeup looks when school starts again. I’m not very good at makeup in general (aside from the absolute bare minimum, “natural” look), but I want to start branching out a bit, and I think looks like these will be a good place for me to start. 🙂 Thanks again!

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